Why Shoulder Season Is Your Season To Visit Jekyll Island

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Shoulder Season is upon us and you should be taking advantage of it if you’re planning on taking a trip. Since fall is the least most traveled period in comparison to the summer when kids are still on vacation and the winter when families are traveling for the holidays, you can find that many destinations have reduced prices on accommodations, transportation and tickets. Traveling during Shoulder Season will save you lots of money.  By opting to travel during the Shoulder Season, you will discover benefits that you wouldn’t get traveling during peak seasons.

Less Crowds

We all know that money is an important factor in planning a trip and that is one of the main pros to traveling during the Shoulder Season, however there are other pros to traveling in the fall. With less tourists traveling, that means less crowds and queue times! No one is a fan of large crowds so this way you can enjoy the cultural experience of the destination even more. Bringing the kids along? You don’t have to stress over losing your kids or fighting the crowds to get your stroller through the hectic crowd.

Pleasant weather

Depending on the location, some destinations are actually better off during the fall Shoulder Season. If you aren’t a fan of the hot heat and sweating under the sun, you can tour historical sites and cities on foot without it being too hot or too cold. Be able to take your photos at ease and comfort.

Fall foliage is also a thing for a reason! Depending on the location, enjoy the breeze and take in the fall views. At Holiday Inn Resort Jekyll Island, it may be too cold to go in the water, but you can cuddle up in a cozy blanket on our porch overlooking the beautiful beach by the warm firepit. Traveling during the Shoulder Season will change your perspective on the usual destination activities, but it doesn’t have to be a bad thing! This way you can explore other relaxing activities you wouldn’t typically do during your vacation.


If you are always settling for the last rooms available, you don’t have to during the Shoulder Season. The Shoulder Season offers more availability which gives you more options to choose from, as well as the opportunity to book last minute! If you plan on going with a large group, traveling during this season is flexible and less hassle as you coordinate with family and friends.

Local Activities

During this season, you can really splurge on your trip with the many discounts on major tourist attractions. However one of the great benefits of the Shoulder Season is that when it’s not crowded with tourists, many other local activities occur. Most festivals happen in the Fall, so you can get a chance to mingle and get to know the more local community that you would not otherwise be able to do.

Should you choose to travel during the Shoulder Season, we are sure you won’t regret it! Get ready to save significantly, avoid the typical tourist destination pet peeves and enjoy a more authentic destination experience!


Advice for Shoulder Season travelers:

  • Many tourist attractions renovate their facilities due to less crowds. Be sure to call beforehand to check if they are closed or renovating.
  • Choose destinations that are not entirely weather dependent if you are weary about weather.
  • Depending on location, the sun sets earlier so plan to get up earlier to make the most of your day.


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